Unmatched digital rights protection for software,
media files, and documents

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HyperDRM Digital Rights Managements (DRM) encryption technology protects software intellectual property rights using an advanced hardware-based system to protect information and applications developed on Linux, Windows, and Mac operating systems. HyperDRM provides multiple options for software copy protection and licensing control.



The HyperDRM ROCKEY is our classic answer to digital rights management. ROCKEY is a USB-interfaced device that comes in a variety of options from an affordable entry-level version with automatic encryption to an enhanced smart card chip-based version.

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Better security than any standard software-based encryption
Lets you specify the type of access control required, such as use-based or limited features
Compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems
Protects software, data, and media files
Choose from affordable entry-level versions to enhanced smart card chip-based versions
Perfect for distributing software with trials or subscription licensing

why choose hyperdrm

Hardware-based software protection provides much greater security for developers since users will need to bypass the physical device. With HyperDRM, you can control how much access an end user has to your software, set a cap for the amount of times a user can access the software, or restrict access to certain features. This makes HyperDRM a great option for applications requiring license management and control systems with advanced remote-update capability.