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Big Changes on the Horizon

This year we saw something new at RSA® Conference USA

For 25 years, RSA Conference has been held with the intention of informing people and helping them discover new technologies to stay ahead of cyberthreats. With almost 30,000 attendees annually, there are always new products, concepts and ideas being presented. Last year marked the introduction of the FIDO Ready™ products and the start of this game-changing initiative.

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Surviving a Ransomware Attack

How to make sure you don't fall into the trap

As I was leaving work the other day, I got a text from a friend with the image below and this message: “This is on my screen???? Do I call the #? Help?!” Unfortunately, I didn't get the message in time to stop my friend from calling the phone number and giving her attacker all the information he needed to take control of her computer and steal her information, among other things.

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Preventing Security Risks When Traveling

Part 1: The Basics

For some of us, traveling is a way of life. For the rest of us, going off to a foreign destination (or even a little closer to home) can expose us to risks that challenge our cybersecurity routine and leave us exposed. Traveling can be stressful enough as it is without worrying about being a victim of fraud. Let’s take a look at some of these risks and how you can avoid being a victim.

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Cybersecurity Resolutions for the New Year

5 Tips to Maintain Your Security All Year

After a year full of data breaches and scams, why not start off 2016 right with some cybersecurity resolutions? A lot of us might be well aware of what we should do, but we often put ourselves at risk by skipping some of the most basic precautions when life's stresses pile high and we just plain forget or tell ourselves it's not worth it. Here are five simple things you can do to build good security habits for the year.

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Introducing Our New R&D Zone

Creating a Collaborative Tech Room

Anyone else thinking about what new products they'll be seeing over the next year? We certainly are! Hypersecu will be launching a few new products in 2016 and our hardworking R&D team needs a new space to work on them.

Enter the R&D Zone.

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Home for the Holidays

Time to deal with all the “technical” issues

I don’t know about you, but I spend a good portion of my holiday visit fixing/installing/explaining all sorts of “technical” issues: everything from programming the DVR to setting up the Bluetooth printer or debugging the crawling Wi-Fi speed (this is my least favorite and seems to happen every year). This year, I figured I would make a pre-emptive strike in an attempt to have an issue-free holiday...eventually.

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Online Shopping: Part 2

The future of e-commerce

In my last post, Online Shopping: Part 1, I discussed the current challenges and security methods available for online financial transactions within North America. In this post we are going to take a look at the future of online shopping, where is it headed and what might be around the next corner.

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Online Shopping: Part 1

Is staying safe still possible?

It’s that time of year again. Dust off your credit card, it's time to get some holiday shopping done. With the online marketplace growing a predicted 79% over the next three years, I began to wonder if there was really a way of preventing hackers from obtaining credit card information once it's been used online. As an avid online shopper (I order everything from clothes to groceries to appliances online), I wondered what tips I could share to help people stay safe this year and what other things I could add to my own security regime.

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Staying Safe on Social Media

Is it really worth the hassle?

With over a billion people using Facebook and other social media platforms every day, it's no secret there's a large pile of data stored within all these accounts. You may be thinking that a hacked social media account is only something you need to worry about if you're a celebrity or public figure, but that's not the case. Hackers want to get their hands on anyone’s data. But what exactly can a hacker do with a social media account that's really worth their while?

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Insider Threats: Part 2

How to circumvent malicious attackers

In the last post, Insider Threats: Part 1, I went over the how and why of data breaches caused by negligent employees. I also touched on what measures a company can take to protect itself from these types of issues. Since malicious insiders are responsible for nearly half of all internal data breaches, I will go over the threats they present in this post as well as what you can do to stay ahead of them.

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