Introducing Two New HyperFIDO™ Products

Recently, we ran a Name Our New HyperFIDO Campaign to ask our followers to pick their favorite names for our new HyperFIDO products. We'd like to thank everyone who participated! We are pleased to announce the names of new HyperFIDO below.

HyperFIDO Mini

HyperFIDO - Mini

The new HyperFIDO Mini comes in an easy to carry size. Its unlimited key pairings gives you the freedom to secure as many as accounts you want. It's currently available on and will be coming soon on the Amazon store all around the world.

HyperFIDO Titanium

HyperFIDO - Titanium

The HyperFIDO Titanium is a new variation of HyperFIDO with a sleek design. The metal casing makes this product sturdier and even more durable. It will be available on the Amazon store worldwide shortly as well.

What is FIDO?

Our HyperFIDO Security U2F Key protects multiple online accounts with just a press of a button.All you need to do is to plug the HyperFIDO key in, register it with an account you want to secure, and start using it.

Key Features:

• Officially FIDO® Certified by the FIDO Alliance

• Native support by Chrome or any other FIDO-compliant browser

• Compact form factor attaches easily to a keychain without bulk

• Sign in to dozens of accounts with a single device

• Combats real-time attacks such as man-in-the-middle (MITM)

• Protect everything from email to online storage accounts