Hypersecu's Nephele UAF Platform Gets FIDO UAF Certifications

Hypersecu’s Nephele UAF platform has been certified by the FIDO Alliance as compliant with the Universal Authentication Framework. Hypersecu has been focused on developing multi-factor authentication and public key infrastructure as well as software copyright. Currently, Hypersecu has U2F Authenticator, U2F Server, and new UAF Server as well as UAF Client to provide comprehensive authentication solutions for users in multiple industries.

About UAF

Universal Authentication Framework is the protocol to support a password free FIDO experience.


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Here's how the FIDO Alliance describes the UAF experience:

"In this experience, the user registers their device to the online service by selecting a local authentication mechanism such as swiping a finger, looking at the camera, speaking into the mic, entering a PIN, etc. The UAF protocol allows the service to select which mechanisms are presented to the user.

Once registered, the user simply repeats the local authentication action whenever they need to authenticate to the service. The user no longer needs to enter their password when authenticating from that device. UAF also allows experiences that combine multiple authentication mechanisms such as fingerprint + PIN."

About FIDO

FIDO specification was established to define frameworks for simpler and stronger online authentications that reduce reliance on passwords and eliminate the inconvenience of creating and remembering passwords. There are two types of FIDO certifications, which are UAF for passwordless authentication and U2F for second-factor authentication. These specifications will allow web-based applications to integrate with various FIDO-enabled devices that users have for cyber security. FIDO specification aims to offer a higher level of online security in a less inconvenient way.

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