NSBA 2016 Conference Highlights

Bringing Security to Education

On April 9 to 11, the Hypersecu team joined over 6000 other attendees in Boston for the National School Board Association’s yearly conference to share how 2FA products can be used to protect confidential data and prevent cyber attacks.

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National School Board Association Conference

Looking to increase your school’s cybersecurity?

Join us at this year’s NSBA Conference between April 9-11, where we’ll be showcasing our two-factor authentication (2FA) products. We believe in providing cybersecurity protection to everyone, so in order to introduce our strong authentication solutions to schools, we’re attending #NSBAConf for the first time. Hypersecu products can offer cybersecurity protection to teachers, administrators, and students to prevent data breaches and malicious activity such as changing grades, stealing confidential information, and more.

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Judge Our HyperFIDO

Participating universities across the US and Canada
Join Hypersecu and be part of the next security generation

Date: Fall 2015 - REGISTRATION CLOSES APRIL 4, 2016.