• Secure corporate & personal data using HyperFIDO with SAASPASS, a comprehensive solution for identity and access management.

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  • Secure corporate & personal data using HyperOTP with SAASPASS, a comprehensive solution for identity and access management.

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  • Be on the edge

    Be on the edge

    The new Edge is a light one-time password card designed for you to program anytime, anywhere, with your phone or tablet’s NFC. Take total control over your own security today.

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  • Sleek new designs

    Sleek new designs

    With two great new designs, our HyperFIDO security keys contain the same high-end features all inside a brand new package.

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40 countries covered

40 countries covered

5000 clients worldwide

5000 clients worldwide

5 million units delivered

5 million units delivered

  • Hypersecu HyperFIDO are nothing short of amazing. We tried many other USB 2FA tokens before settling on HyperFIDO. We found the other economically priced options to be flimsy and unreliable. With HyperFIDO we have had no such issues. They are well built, and work automatically every time.

    Brian McDonald IT Manager, Netflix
  • Hypersecu has been providing OEM products to us for over 5 years now. Not only is the quality of the manufacturing superior, but, more importantly, the quality of service we are provided to support, maintain, grow, and profit from these products is absolutely the best.

    David Redberg Senior Product Manager, Fortinet, Inc.
  • We started to work closely with Hypersecu over two years ago and we could not be happier to work with such a great partner. Hypersecu was the only company willing to work with HP Atalla to create low volume Atalla Secure Keypad device. The whole project, which included HW, FW and SW has been developed in collaboration between HP Atalla and Hypesecu in a shortest time possible (in modern era), with satisfaction to very specific requirements and with exceptional quality.

    HPE Atalla