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3 Security Tips After the Marriott Hack

500 million people were affected in the recent Marriott hack. If you do any kind of traveling, business bookings, or more, chances are you were probably one of them. What the hackers managed to steal includes a combination of names, addresses, date of birth, passport information, and Starwood preferred Guest account information. That's a lot of data from 500 million users.

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3 Things To Do After The Facebook Attack

Facebook has been hacked and now 50 million users may be vulnerable. While we don't know a whole lot about what caused the leak, it's a good idea to be proactive and take steps to protect your information.

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3 Security Solutions to Fight Data Breaches

We hear about them often: data breaches. They happen to Yahoo, Target, Uber, eBay, JP Mogan & Chase, Equifax...the list can go on for pages. But what is a data breach? And how can we protect ourselves and our valuable personal data?

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3 Security Solutions To Prevent Phishing Attacks

It’s well-known that phishing attacks are a huge threat to all online accounts, both business and personal. To review, here are a few disturbing facts:

So what can you do to prevent phishing attacks?

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HyperFIDO™ Campaign Updates

One lucky winner and more prizes to come!

Last fall, we brought The Judge Our HyperFIDO™ Campaign to university students across North America to introduce our HyperFIDO U2F Security Keys and to increase security awareness. With the campaign coming to a close, we’ve started to give out some of the fantastic prizes to participating students.

Check out our latest winner, who snagged a $100 gift certificate to ThinkGeek.com!

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Protect Your Students with 2FA

An Introduction for Educators and Administrators

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a pretty simple concept; it boils down to “something you have” and “something you know.” But how can it used to protect student information, uphold educator integrity, and ensure administrators maintain a strong, trustworthy relationship with parents?

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Simple Mobile Protection

Is it too good to be true?

For some people, protecting online accounts is looked upon as more of a hassle than anything else. Whether it’s the “it won’t happen to me; I have nothing worth hacking” or the “it’s more trouble than it’s worth” line of thought, people sometimes use secure authentication only as a last resort. When they do decide to use it, they often choose what seems to be the simplest and most readily available of methods: SMS, or text messages, an emailed security code, or an authentication app. What happens next? They quickly learn what a pain it can be to sign in to their newly protected accounts from their mobile devices.

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Protecting Student Records

A Simple Way to Secure Teacher Access

More and more schools are switching to a centralized student record system. It’s no wonder, considering that well-managed student data can make reporting and transfers easier, as well as provide education professionals with tools for collaboration and planning. There is a downside, however: with a centralized system, all that’s keeping a hacker from gaining access to report cards, test scores, student addresses and a host of other confidential information is a static username and password. And the thing is? These hacks aren’t always by some stranger in the dark. It might be one of their own students.

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Cyber Safety for Tax Season

What can be done to prevent scams

The IRS has reported a significant increase in fraudulent tax returns, totaling $63 billion in bogus claims between 2011 and 2014. Fraudulent tax returns are quickly becoming everyone’s problem: Not only are the victims left waiting for months to years for their legitimate refund, the extra funds going out of government coffers means other programs and government initiatives may fall by the wayside.

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